Why more Australian home builders & owners choose timber framing?

Proven and popular Timber framing is the proven and popular choice for Australian homes as it is reliable, cost-effective, safe and easy to use by builders & DIY’ers.

Strong, stable and quiet Timber framing stays quiet and won’t crack your plaster, as it doesn’t expand and contract during temperature changes.

Low cost flexibility Any changes to a timber frame can easily be made onsite by carpenters, and if they need extra timber, it’s as close as the nearest hardware store.

Termite resistant when treated In designated termite areas it is important to use H2 treated timber to protect your home. Termite resistant framing should be used in conjunction with termite barrier systems as termites can eat items such as flooring, joinery and plasterboard. There is no need to be too worried though, there are many timber framed homes in Australia that are over 100 years old.

Fire predictable Timber framing maintains its structural integrity for a long time as it chars at a predictable rate.

Stores carbon Choosing timber products removes greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. Approximately half the dry mass of wood is carbon, absorbed by growing renewable trees and stored in timber products for life.